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Hi, I'm Yara


I am a graphic designer recently graduated from the Arts University of Bournemouth.

Growing up in Lebanon, a country juggling between internal conflicts, social judgements and political instability made me very conscious. I have always wanted to explore topics that were considered taboo and push boundaries further.

The two subjects I developed lately: the challenging subject of female pleasure, normalising and raising awareness. As well as, illustrating the rejection of human rights in the setting of the 2019 Lebanese Revolution. Both projects involved a very strong visual identity to communicate delicate and controversial content.

I realised through my experience that I feel more comfortable expressing my thoughts and messages through visual mediums and strong slogans. 

The importance of the identity of the projects pushed me to experiment and learn new techniques, adapting it to each outcome to challenge conventional practices ( motion graphics, projections, collages, screen printing, probes, 3D modelling, etc … ) 

Living in the UK enabled me to define my design process and use the various resources. 

This is where I aim to work in the near future. I really believe that the wider multicultural audience present here will help accomplish my aspiration.


Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, After Effect)


French, Arabic, and English


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